Can I buy your trains in a kit?

No, To keep the ZZR unique, nothing is for sale that I made for the ZZR. But you can buy 100% ZZR endorsed, utterly amazing railway kits from here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/235444.

Can you make this locomotive?

No, if I am not passionate about a project I don't build it. And please do not try to make me passionate about something.

How much land does the railway own and does it cost much?

The railway has 13,504m² and 35 USD a month for 8,128m² tier with 2048m² donated from Eesoov Elan and a second Premium Avatar.

How do you make your railway stuff?

I use the Mesh Generator and convert prims in to pretty things *giggles*

Do you plan to extend the railway?

No, it's perfect how it is.