The New 2024 Guards Van Is Now In Service!

Thats right, after months of work and scripting, Nimoui, our new Guards van is now in service! First of all, lets explain why this van has a name, Nimoui is named in honour of the late Nimoui Chenier, one of the incredible creators behind Dreamshire who sadly passed away in 2022. This new Guards Van has been rebuilt from scratch with reference [...] Read more

July Locomotive Change - The Pink Lady

Till the 7th of August The Pink lady is hauling the passenger Train. Bus Service -

Last Few Hours of Pride Train!

As Midnight British Summer Time quickly approaches we must say goodbye to this years pride train, very much be returning for 2025! Come on by now if you still want to see it - Zen.

The ZZR 2024 Edition Poster is now Available!

Its been 5 years since i released a new poster! I got to say, this time i am super happy with it, and i really hope you all enjoy it as well. A big thank you to Eesoov and Cookie for posting in the poster image! Get your copy here - Each poster is a ultra low Land Impact mesh, and you get [...] Read more

June Locomotive Change - Gwlith

Gwlith is now running, and will be running till the 7th of July! Yes, i am a tiny bit late, as Gwlith has been running since the 1st of June with her pride board and flags mounted proudly to her plus the the guards van. Bus Service - Zen.

Happy Pride from The Zany Zen Railway!

Love is Love! Yes the picture is heavily inspired by this picture from a few years back posted on the wonderful Talyllyn Railways page. (Sorry linking to TwiX, it was either TwiX or Facebook!) Zen.

May Locomotive Change - Galway

To give our steam fleet a well deserved rest before summer fully sets in, our diesel locomotive Galway is now pulling the passenger train till the 7th of June. Bus Service - Take Care, Be Safe! Zen.

26,000 Visitors Since Opening!

Gawd! its only been only a couple of months since the previous milestone, thank you all so so much for your continued support and ridership, i will continue to always say it as it is important to remember, a railway is nothing without its passengers. Zen.

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