Welcome to The Zany Zen Railway

Please bear with us while we are trying to get a hang of this newfangled web thingy and are setting things up. Be sure to check back frequently to see how we goof up getting this to run properly -- or read about what has been happening recently at the railway on our brand spanking new News page!

In the meantime, why not pay us a visit and take a trip across the virtual landscapes of Somdari, Ahndang, Seogyeo and Gaori? Make a few stops on the way and explore the lovely surrounding landscape inspired by beautiful Wales.

Can't get away right now? No problem, feast your eyes on all the images we provide for your delight in our Gallery. Just open the page, select the first image, start the slide show and sit back. Enjoy!

Should any questions arise, have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page, but also please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. Of course we will also gobble up any criticism or praise you might have for what we do. We love to hear from you!

About the Zany Zen Railway

Founded in 2013, the Zany Zen Railway is a narrow gauge railway stretching across several regions in the virtual world of Second Life. It closely tries to emulate a typical small heritage railway as can be found all across the United Kingdom.

It attempts to convey the kind of experience a typical visit to one of these would provide by keeping a close eye on as many details as possible. Train service is fully automated and thus runs 24/7, allowing visitors to enjoy a ride at their own leisure. Passenger trains from Somdari station are running every 20 minutes.

Over the years, the railway has grown and attracted an entire community of enthusiasts and supporters helping to cultivate the neighbourhood of the railway into a lovely Welsh-style village.

In addition, the Zany Zen Railway has decided to extend its services in 2021, now also offering a connecting ferry service from the terminal station at the seaside village of Little Coverston to the Pyri Peaks Fair.

Map of the ZZR