Spring Has Sprung on the ZZR!

Thats right, an early spring has come to the Zany Zen Railway, the P-way gang has been out and about today making sure sleepers, ballast and rail joints all survived the winter. Of course if you have known the ZZR's routine we tend to be fairly quiet during spring, working on personal and railway projects, so fear not, we are here, always making [...] Read more

Happy New Year & 2024 News!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First of all, a happy new year from the Zany Zen Railway, we are now entering the 9th year of The Zany Zen Railway! what can you expect? Well this year we are gonna retry those projects from 2023, New guards van, Firebox update and before winter 2024, a new locomotive. These are merely a rough roadmap so please take them with a [...] Read more