Happy Holidays from the ZZR! (Belated)

Happy Holidays (belated) from everyone here at the ZZR! You most probs saw this picture on the 25th... and wondering why its only just getting posted here 2 days later, well, i am currently sick and when i took this piccy, i was very sick! so only just remembered to post where i posted! I hope you are all having a better holiday season then me, [...] Read more

The ZZR Santa Specials are NOW RUNNING!

Happy Holidays one and all! and yes! you read the title right, the ZZR Santa Specials are now running, and will be going till the 2nd of January 2024! He be your bus tickets - Bus Service: Somdari Station Direct Bus Service: Seogyeo Station Of course, don't forget to visit Santa for your Free Gift! As always he is located at Seogyeo Station, and [...] Read more

Santa Specials are coming SOON!

What's that i hear in the distance? its SAAAAAAANTA! He is on his way to the ZZR and will be arriving on the 11th of December to 2nd January 2024! Starting Monday Santa specials will be leaving for Seogyeo station where Santa for the 8th year in a row has set up his little grotto ready to give you a Free gift every day! Bus Service: Somdari [...] Read more

Winter has hit the ZZR!

And once again Santa has dropped a very localised snow storm upon Ahndang Station and Seogyeo Station! All ready for the Santa Specials starting 11th of December. More news Coming Soon! Zen.