The ZZR 2024 Edition Poster is now Available!

Its been 5 years since i released a new poster! I got to say, this time i am super happy with it, and i really hope you all enjoy it as well. A big thank you to Eesoov and Cookie for posting in the poster image! Get your copy here - Each poster is a ultra low Land Impact mesh, and you get [...] Read more

June Locomotive Change - Gwlith

Gwlith is now running, and will be running till the 7th of July! Yes, i am a tiny bit late, as Gwlith has been running since the 1st of June with her pride board and flags mounted proudly to her plus the the guards van. Bus Service - Zen.

Happy Pride from The Zany Zen Railway!

Love is Love! Yes the picture is heavily inspired by this picture from a few years back posted on the wonderful Talyllyn Railways page. (Sorry linking to TwiX, it was either TwiX or Facebook!) Zen.