Spring has Sprung on the ZZR!

Finally the snow has receded and spring has bloomed! as seen the Pway team has been out to make sure the snow didn't cause any damage to the trackbed!.

20000 Visitors since opening!

Honestly these last two years these milestones have come quicker and quicker, each time i take one of these 1000 Visitor pictures i am still so humbled that people want to spend time with trains. Thank you everyone who has visited. Zen.

New Regular 2023 Tickets + The Dragon now hauling the Passenger Train!

Locomotive Change Over New Year New Passenger Locomotive hauling the passenger train! This month The Dragon is hauling till the 7th of February Regular Ticket Design Change With the finishing of the Santa Specials a new Ticket Design has been created to welcome in the New Year! Last year i based them on Swizzles Drumsticks, this year continuing on [...] Read more

Happy New Year from the Zany Zen Railway!

2023 Here We Come! So this year without a doubt has been a mixed bag for sure! sadly after 2021 i have felt incredibly burnt out, but we did do some amazing projects, Each single one of them i am supah proud of. I honestly couldn't have done most of it with out Amalia who has been a constant source of help and support, Of course we can't forget [...] Read more