Happy Holidays from the ZZR! (Belated)

The Zany Zen Railway Team posing in front of Montgomery at Ahndang Station

Happy Holidays (belated) from everyone here at the ZZR!

You most probs saw this picture on the 25th... and wondering why its only just getting posted here 2 days later, well, i am currently sick and when i took this piccy, i was very sick! so only just remembered to post where i posted! I hope you are all having a better holiday season then me, and i hope you all have a wonderful new year.


ALSO! Santa Specials are still running! and running till the 2nd of January 2024, we gave the big guy a couple of extra mince pies.

But I will add the real reason of why Santa stays at the ZZR till January, here at the ZZR we operate with the core principle are a 24/7 operating railway, in a 24/7 Second World, with everyone being on different time zones usually, and during the holiday season, many just don't have time to be here on the lead up, and i really want to give everyone the best chance of getting their present from Santa, so we run the event longer then most others would, because at the end of the day, it is our thank you to everyone for supporting us this year, and a ZZR would be nothing without its passengers.


Zen, Amalia & Eesoov.

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