Sunset on The Dragon, Sunrise on Gwlith.

Sunset at Cyfnos works as The Dragon is pushed in to the main building by Eesoov Elan in NG-46 while Zen Swords-Galway keeps an eye on things

Yes, you read that title right, The Dragon is no more, helping us to move forward and begin a fresh start, The Dragon is evolving in to Gwlith. She is getting a fresh coat of paint, new pinstriping, and of course getting checked over to see how everything is holding up.

The name Gwlith was picked out by the ZZR's very own Eesoov Elan, Gwlith is Welsh for Dew, Eesoov's logic being that dew is usually found in the morning, and that this new name represents a brand new day.

We hope to see Gwlith ready and running for the 9th Anny Steam Gala what runs the 15th to the 22nd of April.

If you would like to see how Gwlith is coming along, pictures will be posted here soon! But if you don't wanna wait, she is currently sitting in Cyfnos works over the pit awaiting inspection and a new makers plate.



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