The 9th Anniversary Steam Gala Celebrations are now RUNNING!

The Zany Zen locomotive Gwlith chuffing past the Road to Rails steam Rally

Now running till the 22nd of April, the 9th Anniversary Steam Gala is now in full swing!

What To See & Do!



  •  - At Ahndang Old Slate Works you can find the two smallest locomotives of the ZZR, Ant and Bee in steam, after freshly being overhauled by the ZZR's very own Head Timelady Eesoov Elan. A short walk North of Ahndang Station, Located Here -




Of course, don't forget, the limited edition ticket designs ONLY available till the 22nd of April!

The Zany Zen Railway 9th Anny steam gala ticket designs

Free Tier - 0 (Platform Ticket Machine + Donation Terminal)
Bronze Tier - 1 > 499 (Donation Terminal)
Silver Tier - 500 > 999 (Donation Terminal)
Gold Tier - 1000+ (Donation Terminal)

Not sure how to use our brand new ticketing system? Here is a blog post talking about it:


Hope to see you here, and i hope you all have a wonderful time at the events!



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