The Zany Zen Railway 9th Anniversary Steam Gala & Road to Rail Steam Gala Announcement!

The Zany Zen and Eesoov Elan standing with a Traction engine and Gwlith by Cuthbert Helendale's field and pub

It's that time of year again! Can you believe it, the Zany Zen Railway soon turning 9 years old. Honestly feels like it was just yesterday i was putting in those support tickets to get the abandoned land.

The Events!

So this year we wanted to do something a lil more special then the other years, not only do we have 2 wonderful steam locomotives pulling both goods and passenger, first time Gwlith our newly repainted locomotive pulls a public train, balloons aplenty, Free collectable tickets and not forgetting visiting locomotives from other GLTSL Member.

This year we arn't stopping the celebrations just there, while all that goes on The Road to Rails Steam Rally will be taking place along side the tracks at Cuthbert Helendale's pub side paddock!

In a joint effort we at the ZZR and Cuthbert are hoping this makes this 9th anniversary celebration special.

Oh in the famous words of Steve Jobs, one more thing, If you have been up and down the line recently or read some of our previous blogs, you will know there is some new stuff happening at Ahndang, so of course, something special will be happening there! Ant and Bee will be sitting pretty all steamed up after their overhaul by the ZZR's very own Eesoov Elan (with me watching over her shoulder... imma perfectionist after all!)


The When and The Where!

These events will be happening between the 15th to the 22nd of April!

 - The Road to Rail Steam Rally will be here -

- Visitor locomotives will be here -

- Ant and Bee Display will be here -

- Steam Gala trains can be caught at ANY ZZR Station:



Little Coverston:



So that is just a small info dump, Next week we plan to release more details like Visiting locos, what is planned to be at the Steam Rally, and this years Anny Gala ticket designs you can expect, so stay tuned for that!

See you soon!



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