Tracks to Trenches Arriving Soon!

The Zany Zen Railway promotional image for its 2023 Event Tracks to Trenches, with tank and WW1 locomotive and Eesoov Elan looking solemn.

It's that time of year again when we remember those who fought for us, as always the ZZR will be remembering the men and women who served on the WW1 trench railways, delivering vital support to the front line troops.

Running Between: 6th to 13th of November

During this special tribute, the ZZR will transform into a front-line service, paying homage to all those who served during this critical period in history. You can choose to ride the rails in our Troop Transport, experiencing the journey as soldiers did, or join the munitions train responsible for supplying our troops on the front lines.

Bus Service: Somdari Station

Tracks to Trenches 2023 Tickets

As always, Event tickets are ONLY available during the event and will NEVER be available again.

Free Tier - 0 (Platform Ticket Machine + Donation Terminal)
Bronze Tier - 1 > 499 (Donation Terminal)
Silver Tier - 500 > 999 (Donation Terminal)
Gold Tier - 1000+ (Donation Terminal)

Not sure how to use our brand new ticketing system? Here is a blog post talking about it:

Hope to see you there.


Zen & Eesoov.

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