ZZR Santa Specials 2022 Preview and News!

This years festivities are bigger then normal for us here at the ZZR! Not only do we have the beautiful area of Seogyeoshire now surrounding the railway and its Christmas Fair BUT our new Ticketing system made by the amazing ZZR Head Engineer Amalia Illios is being implemented further! PLUS! 4 new snowglobes for you to collect from Santa!


Santa Specials run between the 12th of December to the 2nd of January

Direct Bus Service:

Scenic Route:


Ticketing Changes

First, these changes come in to effect on the 12th of December. Ticketing changes, the new system involves a little more audience participation then the old system, we don't just give you the ticket via a inventory offer now, no no no that would be too simple! Now when donating OR clicking a ticket machine a ticket will be spat out the front and you will be prompted to buy this ticket (for free) once bought the ticket will ask to attach its self to you, this also puts the ticket in to your inventory.

Why this new system? Well after seeing a similar system at the wonderful Fauna Railway owned by Ember, we saw people wanted their own unique ticket to commemorate their visit, so your newly attached ZZR Ticket will have its own unique serial number PLUS date of issue stamped upon it.

Oh and we went the extra mile, before there was only 2 ticket types, donation and free NOW we have 4 ticket designs, Free, Donation Bronze Tier, Donation Silver Tier, and Donation Gold Tier, These tiers are giving out depending on donation amount, we appreciate every single Linden that people donate and sometimes we are utterly humbled by the amount people are willing to donate, so the design of the ticket will subtly show with the colour and number of pips the donation bracket.

the 4 ZZR Tickets held by creepy nutcrackers

Free Tier - 0 (Platform Ticket Machine + Donation Terminal)
Bronze Tier - 1 > 499 (Donation Terminal)
Silver Tier - 500 > 999 (Donation Terminal)
Gold Tier - 1000+ (Donation Terminal)

(Above: Donation Terminal, Below: Platform Ticket Machine)


 Now on to the new gifts in Santa's sack!
The 4 ZZR Snowglobes for this years Santa Specials

4 new beautiful snowglobes each representing the some of the most awesome and newest stuff to come to the ZZR in 2022, Token Machines with Red and Green variants(With Supah Sekret Feature!), Our beautiful Cynfos Works Gantry crane that has become a symbol of the works made by the amazing Libby Static, and of course last but not least, Cyfnos works its self, complete with mini Cyfnos Works sign. These have been added to Santa's pool of gifts, Santa gives out one random free gift per person per day.

The Thank Yous

As always we at the ZZR thank everyone who rides, visits and enjoys the area, without passengers the Zany Zen Railway would not exist. Also i would like to thank the amazing people who made this year extra special,

Amalia Illios, who took my ideas, added a sprinkling of her own awesome and then brought them to virtual reality, i view her as very much a co creator of the ZZR nowadays with how much time and effort she has put in.

Libby Static and Valérie (Valhalla Xaris) These two amazing people, who create some of the best fire fighting equipment in SL, offered up their help when i was struggling to cope with the size of the task of Cyfnos Works project, The gantry cranes by Libby and the carriage sheds by Valérie (Valhalla Xaris), both now integer parts of Cyfnos Works looks and feel.

Eesoov Elan, The ZZR's head time lady and head of goods + light switches. This incredible person is the one to thank for the idea and push for Cyfnos works, They not only donated half the tier for the land but continued to be motivation and support through out the entire project, this is why is subtly is named in honour of her.

The people of Seogyeoshire, before the ZZR ran through mostly baron empty abandoned land now it is the heart of a amazing community that continues to grow and amaze me every single day.

You! you support the ZZR with visiting, riding and enjoying.

Happy Holidays from everyone here at the Zany Zen Railway.


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