October Locomotive Change - Uccie

With Autumn here, it is still mild enough to have a cabless locomotive chuffing along the ZZR, Uccie is now running till the 23rd of October when The Dragon will be pulling the Spook Service! Bus Service: The Zany Zen Railway - Somdari Station

Autumn has come to the Zany Zen Railway!

Leaves on the line are not a problem when you have a good p-way team! A big thanks to Eesoov and Alexis for keeping me company❤️ Bus Service: The Zany Zen Railway - Somdari Station Zen.

Zany Zen Railway 2023 Events!

Welcome to the ZZR, where you're in for a beautiful ride and picturesque views as you journey along the tracks. Passing by homes, fields, and other captivating sights while travelling from station to station. This delightful experience is available year-round, we have some exciting special events coming up that you won't want to miss. Check out [...] Read more

September Locomotive Change - Galway

With the Summer season coming to a close, time for some diesel traction to give the steam engines a break! Galway will be running till the 7th of October! Bus Service Zen.

Inside The Works - August

Hello! this be a new non regular blog i think will try and start doing, this blog basically is going to delve in to how the railway is doing and what current projects are going on PLUS my own personal projects! What have we been doing? Honestly, nothing really, 2023 very much decided to kill all my motivation and plans to do some railway projects, [...] Read more

August Locomotive Change - Montgomery

Montgomery will be hauling the passenger train till the 7th of September! Bus Service Zen.

July Locomotive Change - The Dragon

The Dragon will be hauling the passenger train till the 7th of August! Bus Service Zen.

The Pink Lady Birthday Bash Now Running!

Happy Birthday to The Pink Lady! The Pink Lady Birthday bash is NOW running till the 3rd of July! The Pink Lady has been a constant and a symbol of the ZZR even before the ZZR existed! Her silhouette is even in the logo of the railway, PLUS there is also on Seogyeo Platform 2 some historical pictures showing her transformation over the last 10 [...] Read more

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