The Pink Lady Turns 10!

This month the Pink Lady turns 10 years old! First being made back in 2013 in sculpts she has gone through several overhauls to become the locomotive we know and love today, a symbol of the Zany Zen Railway. To celebrate we will be holding a Steam Gala with the Pink Lady hauling the passenger train, and never seen before, Uccie on the goods train! [...] Read more

22000 Visitors Since Opening!

These milestones are coming so much quicker then before! i am utterly amazed and so happy that so many come to enjoy a ride on the ZZR, in the end as i always say, a railway is nothing without the passengers enjoying the ride. Bus Service:

May Locomotive Change - Galway

Galway will be hauling the passenger train till the 7th of June! Bus Service Zen.

The Zany Zen Railway Turned 8!

Today the 21st of April is the ZZR's birthday! and i can't believe it has been 8 years since its completion, thank you to everyone who rides and enjoys, a railway is nothing without its passengers. heres to another year! Zen.

8th Anniversary Steam Gala!

That's right! it's that time of year once again. The Zany Zen Railway turns 8! The Details! Between the 17th and 24th of April the Zany Zen Anniversary Steam Gala will be running! What is a Steam Gala you ask? Well Steam Gala on the ZZR is where all trains are steam hauled, and all steam engines that could be running is idling along the railway [...] Read more

April Locomotive Change - Montgomery

Montgomery will be hauling the passenger train till the 17th of April! Bus Service Zen.

21000 Visitors Since Opening!

I am utterly amazed and humbled how quick this milestone has come, thank you everyone who continues to visit the ZZR and ride through the beautiful area that has become Seogyeoshire. Zen.

February Locomotive Change - Uccie

Uccie is now on the passenger train till the 7th of March!.

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