Sunset on The Dragon, Sunrise on Gwlith.

Yes, you read that title right, The Dragon is no more, helping us to move forward and begin a fresh start, The Dragon is evolving in to Gwlith. She is getting a fresh coat of paint, new pinstriping, and of course getting checked over to see how everything is holding up. The name Gwlith was picked out by the ZZR's very own Eesoov Elan, Gwlith is [...] Read more

Inside The Works - March 2024

Hello again! It's been a while since i did one of these, and i really enjoyed being able to shed some light on what's happening behind the scenes of the ZZR with you all. So here it goes! Welcome to Inside the works, a blog post that talks about the goings on around the railway and the team behind it. Ahndang Old Slate Works & Lore.. So, a few [...] Read more

March Locomotive Change - The Pink Lady

As spring continues, our first steam locomotive The Pink Lady takes to the ZZR Metals hauling the passenger train till the 7th of April! Bus Service - Somdari Station Zen.

25,000 Visitors Since Opening!

First milestone of 2024, and had to be started with a bang! The amazing Grid Drive is currently coming through, so we have seen 100+ passengers in a day! Always makes me utterly humble and happy to see people enjoying the railway! thank you all so much. A railway is nothing without its passengers. Zen.

February Locomotive Change - Uccie

With all the snow melted and the warm(ish) Spring weather, Cabless steam locomotives are more comfy to drive! Uccie will be running till the 7th of March, when Pink Lady takes over! Bus Service - Zen, Amalia, Eesoov & Katherine.

Spring Has Sprung on the ZZR!

Thats right, an early spring has come to the Zany Zen Railway, the P-way gang has been out and about today making sure sleepers, ballast and rail joints all survived the winter. Of course if you have known the ZZR's routine we tend to be fairly quiet during spring, working on personal and railway projects, so fear not, we are here, always making [...] Read more

Happy New Year & 2024 News!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First of all, a happy new year from the Zany Zen Railway, we are now entering the 9th year of The Zany Zen Railway! what can you expect? Well this year we are gonna retry those projects from 2023, New guards van, Firebox update and before winter 2024, a new locomotive. These are merely a rough roadmap so please take them with a [...] Read more

Happy Holidays from the ZZR! (Belated)

Happy Holidays (belated) from everyone here at the ZZR! You most probs saw this picture on the 25th... and wondering why its only just getting posted here 2 days later, well, i am currently sick and when i took this piccy, i was very sick! so only just remembered to post where i posted! I hope you are all having a better holiday season then me, [...] Read more

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