Tracks to Trenches 2022

Tracks to Trenches is now running till the 14th of November! The ZZR will be running a tribute service for all of those who laid down their lives for us during World War One, many may not know about the importance of the railways during this time and the sacrifices engineers made for the war effort. The ZZR will change into a front line service in [...] Read more

Bonfire Night at Little Coverston!

- Bus Service (Direct): - Train Service (Scenic):

Galway is now on the passenger service till the 7th of November!

The ZZR Spook Service is now RUNNING!

The annual ZZR Spook Service is now running! Come on by if you dare! and Don't forget to grab your commemorative Spook Service Ticket for free! Spook Services are running till the 1st of November. so don't be late!

The Zany Zen Railway Events 2022!

ZZR 2022 Events. Welcome to the ZZR and all we have to offer here. There is always a beautiful ride when you jump on the ZZR and enjoy the trip along the tracks. You will pass by homes, fields, and various other sights as you make your way from station to station. Its a lovely ride throughout the year and the special events are not to be missed. [...] Read more

October Locomotive Switchover

The Pink Lady is now hauling the passenger train till the 17th of October!

Who let the bunnehs out?!


News about the Zany Zen Railway!

From here on out, this page will hold articles and press releases outlining the latest developments happening at the Zany Zen Railway and associated projects. Make sure to check here frequently to find out about all the amazing stuff happening! See you soon!

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